Trails in Amares

Walking trails are paths, usually in natural and rural environments, which are usually marked with internationally known and accepted marks and codes.

In Portugal, at national level, there are two types of footpaths, the so-called Small Route and the Great Route.

The marking of the walks obeys a set of rules, which in Portugal were edited by the Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal. In order to regulate the implementation of walking trails in Portugal, the "National Register of Walking Trails" was created.

In the Municipality of Amares, 8 trails were identified (Trails in Amares), 4 of which are in the signalling phase:

Vale do Alvito (signposted)
Urjal (sinalizado)
São Miguel O Anjo
Geira (Grande Rota)
Ciclovia do Rio Cávado
Penedo Rebolão (signposted) (See on Google Maps)
D. Gualdim Pais (signposted) (See on Google Maps)
São Pedro
Roteiro Sá de Miranda
Roteiro Medieval

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